Rediscovering the Garden// Three Pinhole Shots

Three shots from my last session. I’ve had a little hiccup when I misread the exposure table under red light. The first shot is severely under exposed. The second one is just about right in terms of exposure. The weather was cloudy and the readings were on par with the result. The third shot is a bit of a surprise. It was exposed at 12 minutes, like the previous one. The weather has abruptly changed during the exposure, revealing a strong sun. That change may have something to do with veiling/flaring. I like that little surprise…

abo // severely underexposed / f:220, 1. 30 min exposure / dev. in HM Rodinal (1+20) / Epson V33 scan (dusty!) / Conversion in PS (no spotting)
oba // f: 220, 12 min. / high clouds /Epson V33 (dusty) scan, Conversion, Spotting, Crop in Photoshop
ebi//f: 220, 12 min. / changing weather Epson V33 (dusty) scan, Conversion, Spotting, Crop in Photoshop

I’m hoping to hit the seaside for my next pinhole session. Curious to see how paper negatives would render the waves!

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