papatya// a paper negative scan

I’m starting to really like pinhole photography!

papat // pinhole - paper negative-scan
35 min exposure , f:220 pinhole overcast/cloudy weather
Ancient Neobrom FB paper rated@ 2 ASA
home made Rodinal (1+20)
Epson V33 scan
Conversion, spotting, white balance/curves editing in Ps

I’ve started cutting my papers (13×18 cm) in three equal pieces. Resulting negs have an almost “cinemascope” quality. A horizontally oriented aspect ratio (nearly 1:2.33!) is a known territory for me, so I get a little bit of better control over the shots. Also, having three chances in taking different photos with a single paper, allows me to test different lighting/composition options. After exposing these paper negatives, I develop them in a tiny container with 100ml of water and 5ml of home made Rodinal. A single paper means a shorter session. I think, I’m happier with this workflow for pinhole photography.

More to come…

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