Almost, But Not Quite

I went in the darkroom to see some pinhole test results. After deciding to refine the camera before shooting new paper negatives, I printed a shot that I’ve been curious about. It’s a shot of an empty lot. It has a nice dynamic range. Being the first frame of the roll, it’s also the only one which isn’t plagued by Fomapan 200’s mottling and micro tears.

Around 130 seconds in Rodinal (1+20). Constant agitation // Water+ white vinegar stop// Ilford Rapid Fixer// Sodium Sulfite as hypo-clear // 5min running water

I’m not sharing a proper scan of this shot, since I’m not entirely happy with the outcome. The exposure needs a bit tweaking and the composition is much better uncropped. Next time, I’ll go with the full negative and hopefully share a final print that I’m happy with.

Let’s say that this is a placeholder post.

Take care,



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