Learning the Reversal Process

Here’s one of the first few attempts in paper reversal process. In the first tests, I can’t see any solid whites or blacks. It gets a bit trial and error (as always) and a fair bit of mental exercise to determine the right amount of exposure and dev time. There are too many variables in the process. It has 14 steps! I’m getting hang of the flow but there’s a looong way to settle in a repeatable and fruitful workflow. Still, it’s a magical process for a photography lover and I’m excited!

As I wrote earlier, my ultimate goal is to shoot and process unique, positive paper prints without using any lenses, mechanical contraptions or commercial solutions.

burada // paper positive (home made reversal bath)
burada // Shot with “Home Made Pinhole No:2” f:221, 30 min exposure.
1st and 2nd Dev in home made Rodinal (1+10)
Potassium Permanganate + Sodium Bisulfate bleach
Sodium Metabilsulfite as clearing agent.
2nd exposure with enlarger (Meopta Magnifax)
Scanned with Epson V33
Spotting in PS

PS: I emptied my first bottle of Rodinal. The darkroom is still freezing cold and I’m thinking about reading more before attempting to get more serious with paper reversal process. I may take a little break but I’ll make sure to share new (and hopefully better) results when I have a firmer grasp on the process.

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