Three Scans with a DIY Contraption

Well the contraption has a name. I call it “Shoebox Scanner Mark VI” . It’s not really a scanner, it’s more of a scanning rig. It doesn’t contain a shoebox either (But the Mark I had one). It’s something that I’ve came up with about a year ago, using solely discarded/found materials. As I used it, I kept making changes. In the end, it became a reliable and indispensable tool. I’m planning to make a simple tutorial for “Shoebox Scanner Making” and share it here.

For now, here are some scans from the latest roll ( troublesome Foma 200), developed in Home Made Rodinal. All scanned with “Shoebox Scanner Mark IV”. Conversion, spotting and editing were done in Lightroom Classic. Plenty of other, older scan samples are available in my Flickr account.

“teeth” / urban leftovers
küllü the stray dog
“küllü the stray dog”

Until next time, take care…



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