A single leaf, clinging to life in the midst of construction craze.

Here’s the first print of a shot that I liked. The exposure was much shorter than I used with previous negs developed in Caffenol. My test prints had a much broader range than I needed (around 10 to 20 seconds increments) and that also threw me off a little.

In my second session, I used a slightly weaker Rodinal dilution (1+22), which worked surprisingly well, considering that I made seven prints during a three hours long session. Rodinal loses it’s potency in an open tray but development times can be easily arranged with an increase of 30 to 50 seconds per print, depending on the density. I have still much to learn but I have a few ideas to get a cleaner, more defined print in my next session.

tenacious // darkroom print (scan)
Fomapan 200
Shot with YashicaMat 124G
Developed in Rodinal (1+50) 9 min
Printed on ancient Fomabrom FB paper (13×18) using Meopta Magnifax with Meopta Belar@f:8
Paper developed in Rodinal (1+22)
Scanned with a dusty Epson V33
Cropped/Exported in PS

More to come.

Take care,



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